radical ed

/'radIK(ə)l/ /hed/

adjective: radical

1. (especially of change) relating to or effecting the fundemental nature of something; far reaching or thorough.

the disruptive technologist

If your looking for answers Douglas Adams said it was 42, Tesla swore by 3 6 9... If it's computing related, how can can I help?

For 20+ years I delivered answers, solutions and work a rounds for after market IT… as a systems guy, trouble shooter, developer and project manager. Offering that expertise and experience, in a consultancy role seemed the obvious thing to do.

Having worked on many of the issues, failings and hereditary computing problems that face businesses today, my role is to advise clients on how to minimise that impact, navigate around them or possibly suggest alternatives.

With a back ground that encompassed both mainstream and alternative computing, some of my ideas have been thought quite Radical…personally I just see this as having a talent for thinking “practically outside of the box”.

As an engineer my observations rarely made it through company bureaucracy to the board room. As a Consultant companies are more inclined to listen to what I have to say…

My USP’s are my adaptability, a diverse skill set, a wealth of hands on experience and ability to apply all three to develop ideas.

Ideas are the fundamental building blocks to solve problems that lead to answers… and I have had a few.

Using my expertise I have helped many businesses identify existing/potential problems, devise strategies and come up with the “odd good idea” to help them.

I have accomplished this with quiet a varied skill set that includes a broad technical awareness, a back ground in engineering, a proven track record in sales/marketing, an artistic streak and a talent for ingenuity/creativity while working under pressure.

Team player to team builder.

No one person can do everything, although I often tried as early in my IT career I would jump from job planning into doing… If I thought my technical crew were not meeting customer expectations.

Delegating was the hardest things I ever learned, but when you can’t learn a new system, process or piece of software well enough for it to be useful to your client. You have to let go and learn how to build and manage teams that can.

Many of my projects and ideas may have been initiated by me, but most were only completed by the combined talents of the great people I worked with.


Technical Services

Systems Engineer

Network/Design Install

Server/Performance Systems build

Managing Support Services

Systems Design/Integration



Team Manager

Project Troubleshooter


Data Switching Products (1993)

Parallel data cable extenders (305m)

Rockwell Prototype RFID (1994)

8 Port Multi-user Serial add-on cards

PC Media Systems (2002)

Web App, UI/UX for PDA’s

PhP web solutions (2003)

Video/DVD upscaling to HD720

Smart cabling infrastructure

Advanced Digital Signage

WordPress web solutuions

Pluto SmartHome (2005 – 08)



Trade/Distribution – negotiation

Direct Retail

Retail Development

Conceptual Projects

Online Solutions & Online Strategy


Phil Chapman ©2018

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